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Training AI Model

Rezo leverages Machine Learning to capture, transcribe and reveal insights from customer interactions across all channels – emails, chats and voice. Rezo directly integrates with existing CRM, processes every interaction and an AI model is trained using this data.

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Powerful Analytics

Rezo has a powerful analytical engine that track compliance adherence in real time to avoid expensive penalties. It also tracks team’s behavioural patterns, tone and overall sentiment of the interaction. In addition, it also helps identify the training needs for the team.

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Business and Operational Insights

Leveraging the score post the tone analysis, behavioural pattern and process adherence, Rezo predicts an Efficiency Score and Customer Satisfaction Score. Rezo also provides a detailed dashboard with score card. Alerts for multiple escalations by the customer, churn signals and dis-satisfaction can also be set for appropriate action.


100% Audit

The AI engine once trained, parses through every interaction/call to validate if the team adhered to the company’s script/language; displayed empathy, friendliness, professionalism; flag grammatical mistakes, etc.

Improve Agent’s Efficiency

The engine helps identify real coaching opportunities automatically rather than having to spend hours listening through calls. Zero in on issues right when they happen and coach on-the-spot, turning frustrated team into happy performers.

Improve Customer Loyalty

Rezo automatically detects instances where customers have bad experiences. Training the team to help avoid these instances in future and improve customer loyalty.