, Auto-Assist

Identify Repetitive Tickets

From your customer tickets, we help you identify the most repetitive tickets and automate them end-to-end. These tickets can be queries around refunds, order status, password resets or any other category.

, Auto-Assist

Training AI Model

Rezo leverages historical customer interaction to train the AI model. Rezo was built with Artificial Intelligence in its core and incorporates machine-learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics, feedback mechanism and other propriety algorithms — to automate enterprise workflows.

, Auto-Assist

Mapping Back-End for Query Resolution

Our solution engineers will help identify the right API’s to respond automatically and make the system live in no time. Rezo already have pre-built API’s for popular back-end systems. 

, Auto-Assist

Auto-Assist Switched On

When the model accuracies reach a 95% confidence threshold for each customer category, Auto-Assist model is switched on and Rezo automatically starts responding to customers on behalf of the brand.


Delighted Employee

Recurring issues and repetitive tickets are now automated, allowing your CS team to focus on solving complex cases.

Immediate Resolution

Seamlessly connects to the back-end systems to provide immediate end-to-end resolution

24 x 7 Availability

Once the AI engine is deployed, the system is available 24 x 7 to respond to customer concerns.