, Co-Assist

Training AI Model

Rezo leverages the historical customer interactions over email, chat or voice to train the AI model. Rezo was built with Artificial Intelligence in its core and uses the best in class algorithms for learning. Rezo also has a built in feedback mechanism that allows it to learn on its own as more and more interactions happen.

, Co-Assist

Predicting Meta Fields

For every incoming message, once the model is ready, Rezo starts predicting relevant meta-data about the case intelligence. Rezo also intelligently prioritises, classifies and routes ticket to the most qualified team member for action.

, Co-Assist

Suggestive Responses

AI-powered suggestive responses are made to every new message that arrives via Email, Social Media or Live Chat. Co-Assist leverages the past ticket responses and knowledge content to suggest best responses to the team. Team members can then select and send a response directly or edit the response. Rezo learns with each edit and improves its knowledge bank.


Reduce Handling Time

Tight integration with backend system relieves the team from manual checking and processing, giving them more time to focus on critical issues.

Improve Agent Efficiency

Rezo intelligently suggests the best answers for your team, relieving them from the stress of having to search through knowledge articles and spending time writing responses.


The combination of automation through AI and personalisation through human agent provides customer service with an element of human-touch.