Automation For E-commerce

The e-commerce landscape across the globe has seen a dramatic shift due to the adoption of smartphones and the advancement in payment technology. Exponential growth led to increased customer expectations and strong competition. Brands constantly need to hire more staff to be able to handle the online and offline customer support. In addition, customers interact with brands across multiple channels and it is difficult to map customer interaction across these disconnected channels.

Automating Customer Service for Education

A leading online and classroom-training provider for international certifications in Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Six Sigma serves professionals in more than 40+ countries around the world. Headquartered in the USA, the organization gets many queries around the class schedule, batch schedule, exam schedule, certificates, results, etc.

Automating Backend Operations for Logistic

Delhivery is India's largest logistic company offering extensive services ranging between last mile deliveries, third party fulfilment and warehousing services. These services enable the seller and the consumer to connect faster. Delhivery handles over 350,000+ shipments per day for 150,000 sellers, 3000+ clients across 1200+ cities.