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Data for Training

To enable a Conversational AI engine over WhatsApp, Rezo would need the historical chat interaction data. If you are getting started, Rezo team could help you with a structure to collate data, train and deploy an AI engine.

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Backend Engine

Our solution engineers will help identify the right API’s to respond automatically to the data coming over WhatsApp channel. Engineers will tie the AI engine with the back-end API’s and help system can go live in no time.

, Whatsapps

Transforms Customer Experience

The Conversational AI powered WhatsApp bot is capable to revert to all sort of customer queries – pre-sales, post sales, etc. In fact, it can handle end-to-end over 90% of conversational traffic and does a handover to the team wherever required.


Immediate Resolution

Seamlessly connects to the back-end systems to provide immediate end-to-end resolution to the customer queries.

24 x 7 Availability

The AI engine reverts to queries in real time and is available 24 x 7.

Elevate Customer Experience

The combination of automation through AI and handover to human agents has drastically elevated the customer experience.