April 17, 2020

Rezo Automates Customer Service for Apparel Brand

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Rezo Automates Customer Service for Apparel Brand


A leading women apparel company with 465 exclusive brand outlets, 1469 large format store outlets, and 1,522 multi-brand outlets, located across 31 states. In addition, the company sells its products through its own website and online retailers.

The company’s product portfolio includes top-wear, bottom-wear, drapes, combination-sets and accessories that cater to a wide variety of the wardrobe requirements of the Indian woman, including every-day wear, casual wear, work wear and occasion wear.


The organization gets many queries around the refund, status details, returns, coupons, escalations, etc. The company wanted to improve bring in automation to be able to cut down on the resolution time and enhance customer experience.

Client Key Needs

  1. Reduction in the ticket resolution time
  2. Improving customer satisfaction
  3. Freeing up agents to look into tickets that were more complex

Key achievements with Rezo

  1. Reduction of almost 90%+ in turnaround time
  2. Helped identify the key areas of improvements which impacts the customers the most.

Proposed Solution

Rezo connects with the customer service console to extract customer interactions. The historic customer transcripts are used to train AI models, which identifies the patterns how the tickets were classified, routed and responded by agents. As new tickets arrives, Rezo immediately examines the content and tags the tickets with appropriate customer issue, routes it to the correct agents and recommend responses or does an automated reply. Rezo becomes more intelligent as the system learns and grows with the business, automating customer support.

Rezo Automates Customer Service

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