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Recharge Reminders

With Rezo's Engage AI, you can say goodbye to manual reminder processes and tedious follow-ups. Never again worry about customers missing recharge dates; Rezo has got it covered for you.

Outage Handling

Handle outages with ease and turn potential crises into opportunities to showcase your commitment to customer service excellence.

Plan Recommendations

Our AI-driven plan recommendations bridge the gap between customer preferences and telecom offerings, ensuring that your subscribers always get the most relevant and value-driven plans.

Reactivation Calls

Reactivation calls powered by Rezo's AI technology offer a cost-effective and efficient way to rebuild your customer base and boost overall retention rates.

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Never Miss a Recharge with Automated Reminders tailored to your Customers

Rezo empowers telecom companies to automatically send recharge reminders to their customers at the right time and through their preferred channels. The AI-powered bots intelligently analyze customer data, usage patterns, and recharge history to determine the most suitable time to send reminders. This level of personalization ensures that customers receive timely and relevant reminders, increasing the likelihood of recharge and reducing churn.

Swiftly Manage and Resolve network Outages with Proactive Communication

ezo's Engage AI enables telecom companies to proactively address network outages by automatically notifying affected customers through personalized messages using automation in the telecom industry. The AI agents continuously monitor network status and, in the event of an outage, trigger real-time notifications to inform customers about the issue, expected resolution time, and alternate means of communication. Additionally, the AI bots can offer bpo customer support, provide status updates, and offer relevant solutions, reducing the burden on call centers during such critical times.

Optimize Upsell Opportunities through Personalized Plan Offerings

Rezo leverages advanced data analytics and customer behavior insights to offer highly tailored plan recommendations to each subscriber. By analyzing customer usage patterns, preferences, telecom customer journey and historical data, the AI system identifies the most suitable plans for individual customers. Whether it's data plans, voice packages, or value-added services, Rezo's AI agents present personalized recommendations that align with each customer's unique needs and usage habits, thereby maximizing upsell opportunities and boosting customer satisfaction.

Win back Lost Customers with Strategic Reactivation Calls

Rezo enables telecom companies to identify and target inactive or churned customers with personalized reactivation calls. The AI-powered bots analyze customer behavior, historical data, and preferences to determine the best approach to win back each customer. Through engaging and empathetic conversations, the AI agents offer tailored incentives, promotions, or solutions to reignite interest and encourage customers to return to your services.

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