Agent Assist:  Empower Contact Center Agents with Real-Time Support

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Impact of Agent Assist



Increase in Agent Productivity



Drop in AHT



Boost in






Boost in
Uncovering VoC



Uncover Voice of Customers

Product Features

Real-Time Support

Intelligent Guidance

Seamless Integration

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Equip your Agents with Necessary Tools to Handle Customers

Increase productivity and quickly resolve queries with Agent Assist. Empower your agents with agent assistant for relevant information, enabling them to respond accurately and confidently to customer queries.

Uncover Voice of Customer to provide proactive services

By analyzing customer interactions, Agent Assist uncovers valuable insights and trends, enabling proactive customer service and addressing pain points effectively. Dynamic prompts and suggestions help agents navigate conversations and ensure consistency in brand messaging, improving call center performance and customer satisfaction.

Seamlessly Integrate Agent Workflow with Existing Systems

Agent Assist seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and software, enabling a smooth transition and eliminating disruption to your contact center operations, and reducing operational costs and overhead in your contact center.

Experience the power of Agent Assist

Empower your contact center agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive revenue growth, and take your business to new heights with intelligent virtual assistants.

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