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Join us for lively and vibrant unwinding sessions at, where team activities like the exhilarating dance session bring joy, and strengthen bonds with colleagues and create lasting memories.

Fun Fridays

At, you get the opportunity to work on cutting-edge AI technologies that are transforming customer experience across industries. Your contributions will directly impact our clients and their customers, making a real difference in their lives.

Independence Day

Filled with soulful singing, energetic dancing, and a spectacular ramp walk, we celebrated the essence of our Nation's Freedom with pride.

Welcome Parties

We enthusiastically welcome our new members to Rezo with engaging activities that help them feel at home from the first day itself, preparing them for the fun and growth filled experience at Rezo.

Kids at Workplace

At, we believe in nurturing curiosity and building connections. The event offered a glimpse into the lives of parents, as young minds engaged in joyful activities, painting, exploring, and bringing an enthusiastic energy that filled our office with happy vibes.

Wellness Sessions

Be a part of our regular and insightful wellness session focusing on the intricate connections between emotions and physical health. Expert speaker Rashi Kataria guides through an enlightening journey, empowering everyone to prioritize emotional health and create a balanced and thriving future.

Holi Celebration came alive with vibrant colors, joyous dance, delectable food, and endless fun during our Holi celebration. We gathered together to fill each other's lives with beautiful hues, igniting a sense of togetherness and adding more colors to our Rezo family.

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