February 12, 2023
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How AI is Helping Enterprises in Building Customer Trust and Loyalty

Sarthak Ladhani
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Companies that focus on giving their customers a smooth and better experience grow more. With better CX, the trust of customers increases. Customer trust and loyalty go hand in hand. Loyal customer does not only buy again and again, but they will also promote your products through word of mouth. Retaining an old customer is way more beneficial than acquiring a new one.

Artificial intelligence can execute and automate dull, repetitive tasks and accelerate existing business processes. This assists companies in obtaining new chances to improve marketing efficiency and accelerate the strategy of delivering services at the right moment to the right person via the appropriate channel.

Advancements in technology are boosting every business. Artificial intelligence can reduce human efforts and increase output in multiple folds. Customers can benefit from personalized marketing experiences provided by AI. Artificial intelligence can give advice, recommendations, and ideas based on the customer’s needs. In our data-driven marketing environment, AI is the true soul. It has the potential to increase customer trust and loyalty. According to a study, the AI market will expand by at least 120% yearly, and AI is a high goal for 83% of businesses.

Technology’s influence is a significant catalyst for increasing client trust and loyalty. Businesses that do not adapt to developing technology will fall behind and may experience business disruption.

Problems that Conversational AI can Solve

Problems that Conversational AI can solve

Several issues brands encounter that can be readily rectified using AI are:

  • Lack of Personalization: It takes a lot of work for human staff to engage with each customer regularly.
  • Database Management: Creating a centralized database with all customer and staff-related information helps study customer behaviour. But, manually maintaining a database is very hectic and challenging.
  • Error prone processes: When hectic and complicated tasks are assigned to human staff, because of manual process, there are high chances of error. With the involvement of machines and technology, such tasks can be simplified.
  • High Resolution Time: Customer support services are not often as quick as they should be. The time and number of queries humans can solve are always limiting reagents.

Stay Ahead with Rezo’s Solution:

Rezo AI for building Customer Trust and Loyalty

Rezo’s artificially intelligent bots are power-packed with the latest natural language processing algorithms. It aims to automate engagement and analytics to help enterprises boost customer loyalty and trust.

  • Effective conversations: Rezo’s AI bots can interpret human emotions and tone and reciprocate accordingly.
  • Multilingual communication: Using NLU, the conversational bots of Rezo can understand multiple languages and reply in the preferred dialect.
  • Real-time Speech-to-Text conversion: Rezo’s Artificial intelligent bots can convert speech to text on a live call. It is used to analyze and overcome challenges like ignoring background noise and recognizing the customer’s accent.
  • Intelligent Routing: When the queries are complicated and need a human agent’s intervention, Rezo’s bot can direct them to the concerned department with the necessary details of the customer.
  • Centralised database creation: Rezo’s AI technology can create a centralized database to study customer behaviour and train the bots.

Rezo’s state-of-the-art technology can be employed on multiple industry use cases to yield the most out of it. A few of the use cases are as follows:

  • Cross-sell and Upsells: With conversational analytics, Rezo’s AI bots can figure out the cross-sell and upsell opportunity in the conversation.
  • Reduced Error Rates: With the implication of technology, brands can automate repetitive, mundane, and complicated tasks to minimise error.
  • Quick Resolutions: Artificial intelligence can be employed to automate tasks such as rescheduling deliveries, arranging appointments, sharing status updates, answering FAQs, and many more. Rezo’s AI bot links smoothly to the backend system to deliver immediate end-to-end resolution.

Adoption of Rezo’s Technology

Smart Rezo bots are capable of handling bi-directional conversations. Natural language processing algorithms analyze the tone and intent of the user and actively engage with the consumer in a very friendly and human manner.

Machine learning technology uses historic chats to learn more and more about human conversation. AI bots of Rezo become more intelligent as the system learns and grows with the business, automating customer support. This solution reduces the call volumes, saves agents from manually updating the information in the databases, and saves the organization on the cost of the operations.

Rezo provides an omnichannel input API. Customers can be engaged or notified through their preferred communication channels, such as SMS, phone, email, or even WhatsApp, and so on. These many communication channels may be combined into a single platform to enable a seamless connection with customers and allow companies to reach out to them in multiple ways.

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