April 17, 2023

Potential of Conversational AI and Automation in Driving Successful User Experience

Conversational AI, automation and other technologies have opened up new possibilities. The pace of adoption of these technologies is rapid among industries. Institutions of all sizes leverage AI and automation to drive value and increase ROI. It has proven to deliver tangible benefits, including distinctive insights, faster services, increased flexibility and scalability and improved productivity with more cost savings.

The main components of conversational AI are machine learning and natural language processing. These components help in intent recognition and context management. Moreover, conversation AI gives you an upper hand over competitors by taking care of different tasks such as Real-time speech conversion to text or vice versa and Intelligent call routing.

It saves you a lot of time and effort that is put into mundane tasks. Conversational AI has the potential to scale up your business and yield the best possible results by improving customer care services and improving the overall user experience with your organization.

Conversational AI can reduce costs by 60% and increase lead qualification by more than 5x. Further, organizations can quickly get a 15 to 20% revenue boost by leveraging AI technology and improving operational efficiencies by 30%.

If you want to learn more, this ebook is a one-stop solution for all your Conversational AI and Automation queries. A sneak-peak into the content of the ebook:

Chapter 1: What is Conversational AI and Automation?

  • How is AI enhancing engagement?
  • How is AI helping in automation?

Chapter 2: Components of Conversational AI

  • The main components of Conversation AI that makes it better than any other technology
  • The components of Conversational AI that automate the complex problems

Chapter 3: Leveraging Bots to transform the AI Journey

  • Conversational AI and automation solving business needs
  • Conversational AI and automation solving customer needs

Chapter 4: Outcomes Achieved for enterprises using Conversational AI

  • Upto 60% cost Reduction by reducing contact center inefficiencies
  • 5x increase in lead qualification and an additional 15-20% revenue boost by extracting value through upselling/cross-selling
  • 30% increase in operational efficiency

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