February 15, 2023

How Voice-AI Is Transforming The Automobile BDC?

Manish Gupta
5 min to Read

What Is A BDC?

A Business Development Center, or BDC, is a group of agents that work in customer support to handle inbound and outbound customer queries, arrange showroom visits, and service appointments, among other things. Successful car dealerships recognize that their contact centre for customer assistance and sales has a great potential for return on investment. An automobile dealership’s service department (Automobile BDC) is crucial for fostering customer loyalty and drawing repeat customers and sales.

Should You Automate Your Automobile Dealership BDC?

Customers that contact your dealership do not necessarily have a special allegiance to you, and their initial impression will be formed as soon as the phone begins to ring. What if the service agents answer the phone in a hurried or inattentive tone or, even worse, customer queries go unanswered, and the caller is either constantly looped in a never-ending ring cycle or sent to voicemail?

According to research, 68% of calls missed are never returned and, 3 out of 10 inbound customer calls go unanswered by the majority of dealerships, forcing customers to switch to the competition.

The two-legged expenditure is the most expensive, as the proverb says, and this is true for contact center agents. They are responsible for answering calls and addressing customer concerns, however, we see a lot of tardiness, sick days, compliance difficulties, and other HR headaches like high attrition rates.

Did you know that outsourcing call handling to an external contact center, incurs $1 to $1.25 on average each minute an agent is on the phone, plus an appointment show bonus?

Digital Virtual Agents To The Rescue

A Voice-AI-powered virtual agent is the best new way to connect with customers and bridge the gap between their expectations and their experiences. Automobile dealerships can rely on digital virtual agents to automate 85% of inbound customer queries, re-engage with missed consumers, answer repeated questions like hours of operation, and schedule appointments in as little as three minutes. They never complain, never miss work, and answer phone calls quickly round the clock. With a human-AI hybrid contact center, dealerships can reduce their headcount while meeting customer demand, repurpose human agents to perform complicated tasks in underserved areas such as outbound calls to your database, first maintenance calls, and manufacturer recalls. Not to mention that this decreases stress and boosts productivity for agents. A virtual agent also does not need bonuses. This saves a significant amount of money, particularly for high-volume dealer outlets.

An automated customer support system for your automobile dealership can help you make better first impressions and book appointments faster to sell more vehicles. Rezo’s AI-powered contact center creates a healthy ecosystem for the automobile businesses, their customers and respective dealers by automating contact centers and equipping agents to instantly and effectively resolve customers’ queries across multiple channels including voice, chat and enabling bi-directional interactions.

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