February 1, 2023
Conversational AI

How AI Voice Bots are Helping Telecommunications Industry in Dormant Reactivation

Sarthak Ladhani
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The telecommunication industries are proliferating using AI voice bots. The conversational AI in the telecom sector handles customer queries and provides satisfactory solutions.

Retaining your customer base is a major problem that companies face. It should be given priority as a 5% increase in customer retention increases around 25% of the company’s profit. Holding on to the customers gives add-on advantages such as:

  • It saves the cost of onboarding new customers.
  • Retention also increases the advocacy among existing customers.
  • It helps in building valuable data for the study of the customer journey.

There is a large segment of your customers that becomes dormant over a period of time. Dormant customers are those that are no longer as much interested in a product or a service as they used to be.

The reasons behind your loyal customers turning into dormant customers are-

  • The customer might be getting better offers from your competitor.
  • They no longer need your product.
  • They had a bad experience with your product.
  • They did not get proper customer support when required.

Another big reason is the need for regular communication from the brand. With timely communication, brands can convey their latest plan, offers, and even new products.

Mass reach-out is always challenging for any brand. It is very difficult to contact each inactive and dormant customer in a short period of time. With Conversational AI Voicebots, it is possible to scale up the inbound and outbound calls. Voice bots are a high-value solution that reduces operational costs and increases efficiency by multiple folds.

Stay Ahead with Rezo’s Solutions

Rezo AI Solutions for Telecom Industry

1. Proactive and Personalised Outreach

Rezo’s voicebots are a smart solution to the outreach problem. AI Bots can be deployed to alert customers with timely reminders. The AI bots of Rezo can assist the brands in better understanding their consumers. With each interaction, brands learn a little more about their likes and dislikes, future goals, and changes in circumstances. This information enables the brand to provide proactive and personalised services to customers that ultimately improve engagement and loyalty.

2. Intelligent Routing

Rezo’s AI voice bots are well-equipped with the latest algorithms to analyse human emotions and tone. After carefully analysing customers’ intent and queries, conversational AI voicebots can respond to their messages. When the queries require human intervention, Rezo’s bot transfers the conversation to the appropriate departments with comprehensive information about the customer’s intent and history for faster resolution.

3. High Converts

According to experts, AI bots can increase the conversion rate by 25%. Rezo conversational AI voicebots will build a real-time database. The brands can analyse this database to learn more about customers’ pain points and find out why they stopped purchasing from them. After knowing the reason, bots can help convert dormant customers to active ones by increasing the efficiency of reaching out to the customers.

Adoption of Rezo’s Technology

Adoption of Rezo Technology

1. Intelligent Database

Every conversation through Rezo’s AI voice bots will be recorded and kept in a centralised knowledge repository. This repository will serve as an intelligent database. NLP will use all the past calls for training bots. The trained bots can provide individualised, apt, and quick reverts.

2. NLU/NLP engine

Natural language processing, along with Machine Learning algorithms, automates the tasks of voice recognition and voice assistance. NLU engine understands the language, intent, and sentiments of the customer. Even when the conversation context changes, the NLP engine comprehends the customer’s syntax, semantics, discourse, and intent. After successful recognition and analysis, bots can revert to the queries in a preferable language with an appropriate resolution in a short stretch of time.

3. Context Management

Context management helps in creating human-like conversations. In a human conversation, contexts change multiple times. While humans naturally understand when the context changes, it takes more work for a machine to understand. Rezo’s intelligent bots help in understanding human dialect and tone to maximum accuracy.

Like emotion and sentiment analysis, Rezo’s sophisticated and powerful engine helps enterprises keep track of the tone of the customer support representative. While conversing, if proper empathy and tone are not adhered to, Rezo will flag such interaction and bring these elements to the scorecard of the customer support representatives.

4. Data Visualisation

Rezo will provide a powerful and insightful dashboard. This ai powered dashboard tracks and visualises all the data related to conversation and conversion.

The data can be used to draw valuable insights for the growth of the business. It can produce analytics reports to understand-

  • How many customers answered the calls
  • How customers responded to the outbound call
  • The number of users that were contacted and converted
  • Reasons behind non-conversion

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