March 14, 2023
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Efficiency at Its Finest: Rezo’s Ai-Powered Multi-user Dashboard

Tanisha Verma
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Using AI in your day-to-day business tasks can yield exponential results. Conversational AI chatbots and voice bots can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of CX errands. AI has the power to provide customer and agent analytics to improvise and analyse business tasks and their growth.

Comparing parameters is a common approach for making quick decisions, as it helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of different options and weigh the trade-offs between them. Enterprises use this way to make informed choices in a timely manner. To make this process of comparison and to make the decision easier, AI provides customisable dashboards.

As the name suggests, customisable dashboards can be customised as per the user’s requirement. It provides a platform to show relevant data to the concerned authority. For example, it can be customised for the manager to view the performances of all team members. On the other hand, the agent dashboard will show their performance based on call pickup, scores or ratings received etc.

What is a Multi-user Dashboard?

Multi-user Dashboard

A multi-user dashboard is a cloud-based system that enables you to run your fast-growing business efficiently in one integrated workspace. AI-Powered Multi-user dashboards are accessible to multiple users at a single time. These dashboards can be used to visualise and analyse large amounts of data and present real-time insights. The AI component can automate tasks, provide predictive insights, and help users make data-driven decisions. This type of dashboard can be beneficial for fast-paced industries such as finance, marketing, healthcare, education, automobile, logistics and others to track performance and make informed decisions.

Business Empowering Features of Ai-Powered Multi-user Dashboard

AI-powered multi-user dashboards can provide businesses with the data-driven insights and collaboration tools needed to make informed decisions and drive growth in several ways:

Features of Multi-User Dashboard

1. User level login

Ai-Powered Multi-user Dashboard allows multiple users to log in and view their data from a common platform. For example, manager, supervisor and agent login is enabled through a single platform.

2. Customisable dashboard

Users can customise the way they view their dashboard data based on their preferences and authority level. These dashboards allow users to access and visualise data quickly to save time and increase efficiency. This way, Customisable data dashboards powered by AI provide a convenient and quick way to make decisions.

3. Departmental grouping

A multi-user dashboard is a convenient way of departmental grouping for a client. It provides a single dashboard that can serve all departments separately. The dashboard can be customised as per the requirement of the department.

4. Parameter Categorisation

A multi-user dashboard is an excellent way of analysing performances. The dashboard powered by AI enables users to filter parameters according to their preferred KPIs to analyse the performances of products/services and agents. For example, a manager might want an overview of sales from different product categories. In contrast, a salesperson might be interested in knowing sales of different variants/models within the same product category.

5. Data visualisation

The dashboard provides interactive data visualisations that are easy to understand. Data visualisation helps to effectively communicate insights and trends within data by using graphical representations. This makes it easier to understand and retain information. This helps individuals and organisations make informed decisions, identify patterns and relationships, and communicate findings to others clearly and compellingly.

6. Data analysis

Ai-Powered Multi-user Dashboard provides real-time data analysis, allowing individuals and organisations to extract meaningful insights and knowledge from large and complex data sets. This enables informed decision-making, a better understanding of patterns and relationships in data, identification of trends and opportunities, and support for evidence-based problem-solving. Effective data analysis can improve efficiency, increase productivity, and drive innovation and progress in various fields.

7. Sharing and collaboration

The dashboard allows sharing and collaboration among users, such as commenting and sharing insights. It allows multiple individuals to access, analyse, and act on data together in real time. This can enhance collaboration and improve communication among team members, leading to better decision-making and faster problem-solving. AI-powered multi-user dashboards also allow for centralised data management, making it easier to maintain and update data and providing a single source of factual information for all stakeholders.

Leveraging Rezo’s Multi-User Dashboard to Enrich AI Journey

  • Powerful Marketing Automation

Rezo’s Ai-Powered Multi-user Dashboard integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to enhance and optimise marketing tasks. It provides a CX automation platform that multiple users can access and use to manage marketing automation tasks. Rezo’s software and technology can streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows. This can include email marketing, lead generation, and customer segmentation tasks. This can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing efforts and drive better results for the business.

  • Sophisticated Tool Box

Rezo’s multi-user dashboard serves as a call center quality monitoring software and a sophisticated toolbox for team members. The dashboard allows multiple users to access, view, and work on the same data enhancing teamwork among team members. It also provides a centralised view of all marketing tasks and their status, making it easier to assign, track and monitor work progress, ensuring everyone is on the same page. This enables them to collaborate effectively and manage tasks efficiently. Not only this but Rezo’s multi-user dashboard can be used as a call center workforce management system that is configured to provide different levels of access and privileges to different team members, ensuring that sensitive information and tasks are only accessible to authorised individuals.

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