March 29, 2023
Conversational AI

Make your Contact Strategies Smart with Rezo’s Conversational AI Solutions

Tanisha Verma
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Nowadays, many companies are switching to modern contact centers enabling AI-bots for lead generation, outbound calling, customer services, timely reminders and payments and many such use cases. Because of  rising competition, unpredictable customer behavior, and declining brand loyalty, companies are finding it increasingly difficult to attract and retain customers

In addition to providing excellent customer service at all times, one must proactively reach out to customers, gain their trust, and deepen customer relationships.

The efficiency and effectiveness of a contact center are ultimately determined by a good contact ratio, which means its ability to increase an organization’s sales volume. As a result, businesses must concentrate on improving their contact ratio. But all these tasks cannot be completed until and unless the platform doesn’t leverage a smart contact strategy for contacting its users. For the AI bots to be effective, it’s important for the platform to understand their end users, their preferences, and their leisure time when the probability of picking up the calls is higher.

What is a Smart Contact Strategy?

As technologies advance and customers’ expectations grow, they want flexibility in contacting via different channels and flexibility on getting contacted according to their preferred time. But initially all this information was updated manually resulting in error-prone results. This can lead to customer dissatisfaction impacting their experience and the brand may lose their customer.

Analyzing a customer’s profile, place, occupation, time etc. before contacting for upselling and cross-selling opportunities is preferred by the contact centers. Every call center faces problems of getting their call dropped by the customers or getting them flagged as Spam by the customers. Imagine if at least even 50% of the contact center calls get answered. Won’t it lead to more revenue generating opportunities for the company. Rezo is leveraging all the necessary data collected to analyze the right time for calling different customers. It means that based on their occupation, city, age, gender etc, it forms a matrix that enables calling in day and evening time separately. The matrix is continuously upgraded based on the call pick up time and frequency. This ensures lead validation and helps in increasing hot leads ratio.

Ways to Increase Contact Ratio

Ways to Increase Contact Ratio
  1. Use of Advanced Dialing Logic-  Using a calling solution that is built around advanced dialing rules which include number -based and time-based attempts, maximum attempts and Day-wise attempts. This will improve your call efficiency by lowering the wait time, the number of dropped calls and the idle time of agents.
  2. Predictive Dialer–To improve the dialing efficiency, configuration of automated dialing solutions is required.  For example- the bot should be able to identify which group of people to be called during what time of the day. These decisions are based on the outcomes of the data analysis.
  3. Call Monitoring and Responsiveness– With efficient internal call handling processes accompanied with a good dialing solution, the call effectiveness can be increased. Metrics like calling time, call duration, response time and ability of the contact agent to connect and engage with customers have to be monitored and improved continuously.

How is this Strategy Going to Impact your Business?

How Smart Contact Strategy will Help your Business
  1. Call pickup chances increase– Customers have their preferential timing based on their profession, age etc. in which the chances of call pickup and healthy engagement are high.
  2. Upselling/cross selling opportunities conversion– If contacted on the right time, they can devote some time to understand new offerings, gather products/ services information, therefore increasing the upselling and cross-selling opportunities.
  3. Real time updation of data– Data matrix continuously gets updated and follows the new procedural calling ensuring customer satisfaction and happiness.

Leveraging Rezo’s Bots

When we hear the word AI Bots, automation, AI, ML is something that comes to our mind. But when we talk about Rezo Bots, it’s also about intelligence and dynamic forecasting.

Rezo offers conversational AI solutions through both chatbot and voice interfaces. Rezo’s   AI- powered personalized solutions offer highly customizable conversational AI for different businesses among industries.

Data analysis plays an important role in understanding customer’s preferences, extracting the useful insights from the data which then eventually helps companies to achieve better results. Evaluating results from thousands of data points and using data intelligently and  appropriately is achievable with Rezo’s powerful analytics technology.

Rezo’s Dynamic AI-agents offer businesses the unified omni-channel presence to deliver impactful experiences in real-time. They provide tailored and customized solutions for different use cases relevant to various business categories.

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