February 8, 2023
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Potential of Conversational Marketing in Lead Generation and Revenue Growth

Tanisha Verma
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Conversational Marketing is a dialogue-driven marketing method that leverages real-time conversations to engage users and move them swiftly along the customer journey. It delivers a real experience that fosters consumer and buyer interactions.

Conversational marketing is a one-to-one approach to marketing, where the brands make conversations in the form of calls, chats, or emails with the customer. These Conversations help the customer and brand move further in the marketing funnel. It helps in learning about the exact preferences of each customer.

Traditional marketing strategies were usually one way, where brands release their pitch to the customers without any personalised feel. Traditional marketing strategies are designed to close sales by influencing prospects as rapidly as possible. Conversely, conversational marketing is a bidirectional dialogue between the brand and the customer. It places the client in the spotlight. It helps the brands learn more about the customer and focuses on the customer’s needs.

Conversational AI is another advancement of technology that helps you build stronger relationships with customers. It incorporates natural language processing to interpret the proper intent of the customer to provide a suitable answer.

Why should you go for Conversational Marketing?

Ideal Conversational marketing strategies are scalable. It is challenging to manually have a one-on-one conversation with every customer, but it is possible with conversational AI. Conversational AI Bots can reach out to different customers simultaneously.

Conversational Marketing aims to learn more about the customer. It can happen through a live chat on the website or a customer support portal. The amalgamation of AI chatbots can streamline this customer engagement and query resolution process.

Immediacy demand is increasing by 64% on average year over year. Today, customers need immediacy, and manual conversations need time. Conversational AI is the fastest and most innovative solution to this problem. It focuses on personalization. It takes inputs from the customer so that the process is engaging for the buyer.

How is Conversational Marketing beneficial for lead generation and revenue growth?

Conversational Marketing beneficial for lead generation and revenue growth

Conversational AI is an excellent approach in providing relevant information to elicit action from your target audience. Conversational marketing helps alleviate the pressure on sales teams by providing early information about leads, resulting in more meaningful interactions. Thus, AI chatbots shorten the time from discovery to consideration of qualified leads.

Conversational AI for lead generation entails taking prospects through each qualifying stage excitingly and engagingly. It Instantly creates value for your potential buyer, provides a tailored experience, and asks qualifying questions in a kind and approachable manner.

Conversational AI makes the entire process of lead generation funnels simple for prospects. Chatbots can help you eliminate friction and lower your cost per qualified lead.

Most importantly, you can evaluate your conversations to identify the most significant drop-off spots and continue to iterate to improve your lead-generating funnel over time. It can also be used to analyze and separate leads who are interested in your product from those who are not. Thus, it can segregate hot leads from junk leads.

Chatbots can also be used for cold calling. It can boost the outbound reach campaign. Conversational AI can help the customer discover the products of your company.

NLP and NLU-powered conversational bots of Rezo can automatically suggest more products of your brand to the customer based upon their interest and chats. After analysing the conversations, Rezo’s artificially intelligent bots can re-route the customers to the appropriate department of your company.

Decoding Conversational Marketing With Rezo.ai

Conversational Marketing With Rezo

Rezo conversational AI bots are well-equipped with the latest algorithms of machine learning and natural language processing. Rezo’s chatbots can figure out the customer’s intent, tone, and emotions and reciprocate accordingly.

With Rezo AI, you can do mass audio dial-outs to qualified leads and deliver them with product discovery information or manage complicated workflows such as customer welcome, foreclosures, user identification, etc. Thus Rezo can help generate leads and grow the revenue by saving the cost of manual staff.

Rezo has helped different organisations boost their revenue in diverse industries, including automobiles, banking, financial and insurance services, logistics, healthcare, education, and travel.

Rezo’s NLU and NLP engines have streamlined the process of acquiring and retaining customers using artificial intelligence. The conversational AI bots of Rezo can reduce the operation cost by 70% by reducing manual efforts. AI bots automate the buyer’s process, which increases customer engagement rate by upto 90%.        

Adoption of Rezo’s Technology

Human effort and energy are finite, and it limits the process after a certain point. But Rezo’s artificially intelligent agents are capable enough to outreach and manage multiple workflows simultaneously. Customers need quick, personalized, and automated processes. This is why your lead generation campaigns need conversational marketing strategies.

Rezo’s AI bots can grow your sales pipeline by providing a personalized buying experience to each customer. It shortens the time to close a lead from approximately 11 days to 4 days. It increases customer satisfaction, and 80% of the customers are more likely to convert and purchase if given a personalized and satisfactory experience.

According to a Hubspot survey, 47% of respondents said they would buy something from a chatbot. Another NewVoiceMedia poll found that 56% preferred dealing with a chatbot over a live representative when purchasing basic things.

Rezo conversational AI reduces human efforts and can increase the mass dial-outs in multiple folds. By cutting these non-essential costs, your brand can exponentially increase the return on investment.

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