February 23, 2024
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Tips to reactivate dormant customers

Sarthak Ladhani
7 Minutes

Has your customer gone to the state of ‘No Contact’?

It is frustrating to know that once your loyal customer is no longer associating with you. Their name, that popped atleast twice a month and brought a little smile to your face, is nowhere to be seen now. You might be worried they have found someone better, a more appealing brand. But, worry not, there is a high chance that they are just dormant or inactive. All they need is a little nudge!

The good news is that you can provide that nudge with the right solutions, and breathe new life into these dormant customers and drive business growth. In this blog, we will explore actionable tips to help you reactivate dormant customers and unleash their full potential.

1. Identify your Dormant Customers

To begin the reactivation process, it's essential to identify your dormant customers. But, before moving to that, it’s important to define what customers are dormant to you.  Depending on your product or service, and frequency of repeat purchase, you can decide what is the right time of inactivity to qualify as a dormant customer. Analyze your customer base and pinpoint those who have become less engaged over time. By understanding this segment, you can tailor your reactivation strategies effectively. Once you've identified dormant customers, it's important to delve deeper into why and when they become inactive. Gain insights into patterns and triggers that lead to disengagement.

2. Skip the Impersonal Reactivation Process

Impersonal reactivation attempts won't yield the desired results. Generic marketing can easily be the reason why your customers dropped interest in the first place. So, it’s important to make your customers’ voice heard and offer them solutions that cater to their problems. By taking a personalized approach to resonate with each dormant customer individually, you increase potential for response. Customize your messages and offers based on their past behavior, preferences, and demographics. By treating them as unique individuals, you increase the chances of re-engagement.

3. Understand Customer Preferences and Pain Points

Gain a deep understanding of your dormant customers' preferences and pain points. You should analyze their interactions, feedback, and browsing behavior. We understand that a customer can become dormant due to many reasons. However, we have made it simple by defining the 4 Ps of Customer Pain point that can lead to drop. Here are the following, along with some of their indications.

  • Process: Complicated transactions, delayed deployment, improper internal procedures
  • People: Rude customer service, disorganized help center, Inability to resolve queries
  • Product: Underwhelming features, Low quality to cost, Inconsistent workflow
  • Price: Cost above market availability, Hidden fees, Expensive membership

Armed with this knowledge, you can tailor your reactivation strategies and offer solutions that address their specific needs.

4. Offer Tailored Rewards and Incentives

One effective way to motivate dormant customers is by offering tailored rewards and incentives. Personalize your offers based on their past purchases, interests, and preferences. For example, you can provide exclusive discounts, bonus points, loyalty rewards, or free trials. By making them feel special and appreciated, you create a strong incentive for re-engagement.

6. Give your Customers more Options

One of the big reasons why customers become dormant is when they receive more choices from another brand in comparison to yours. Customers appreciate having choices, and today, they even expect it. By giving your customers more options, be it in form of products, services, or discounts, you allow them an authority over the offerings. Consider personalized offers that align with their interests. For instance, you can present them with product recommendations based on their previous purchases or offer them the opportunity to choose their preferred method of communication. By giving them control, you increase the likelihood of re-engagement.

7. Send Reminder Mails and Notifications

Humans are forgetful beings, and they always have something going on to forget the other. So, it’s always better to remind them of your existence before calling it quits. This is where reminder emails and notifications come in handy, allowing you to stay on top of mind for dormant customers. Utilize automation tools to send timely and personalized reminders. Send out  Abandoned Cart reminders, ‘We Miss You’ mails, or a simple reminder of your new offerings. Whether it's an upcoming sale, an exclusive event, or an enticing offer, these reminders can reignite their interest and spur them into action.

8. Use Customer Insights for a Personalized Solution

The key to understanding why your customers become inactive is by analyzing what ticks your existing customer base. These insights are invaluable when it comes to reactivating dormant customers. Perform a customer sentiment analysis to understand their preferences, purchase history, and browsing behavior. With these insights, you can craft personalized solutions that meet their unique needs. Whether it's recommending relevant products or providing tailored content, personalized approaches significantly increase the chances of re-engagement.

9. Give your Customers some FOMO

The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a powerful motivator. Tap into this psychological trigger by offering limited-time offers, exclusive deals, or early access to new products or services. By creating a sense of urgency, you prompt dormant customers to take action and re-engage with your brand.

Reactivating dormant customers is not only a revenue-driven strategy but also an opportunity to strengthen customer loyalty. By implementing these tips and leveraging the right solutions, you can bring back your lost customer base. And, if you let your inactive customers hang by, they will soon be gone for good, increasing your company’s customer churn rate and adversely impacting your revenue.

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